Our Trainers

BLAQSTAR PERSONAL ONLINE TRAINING offers the highest possible level of qualified, rigorously tested personal trainers. Each one of our trainers is distinguished by their ability to practice what they preach. They talk the talk and walk the walk, training themselves even harder than they train their clients, and living the healthy lifestyle we advocate for our clients. They’re also highly experienced and very well qualified academically. We require that every trainer has hands on practical experience of working with at least 50 clients in the past and holds a certification from a leading training organisation. Also, most of our trainers are current or former professional sportspeople and models. They know every single inside trick to extract the very best performance from clients of all levels and backgrounds.

What makes BLAQSTAR TRAINERS so special isn’t our experience or knowledge. The over-riding factor is that we care. We care about your wellbeing, your health, and your results. We invest everything we have in helping you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself. Our hunger and passion for success motivate us to leave no stone unturned.

We lift clients up, even when we feel flat ourselves. We chase reluctant dieters with 9pm reminders not to go for that chocolate that’s going to ruin their meal plan. We get clients to text us restaurant menus if they’re not sure what’s best to eat. We help you in every possible way we can – because we really care. That’s because, for all of us at BLAQSTAR, this is much more than just a job. It is what we live and breath.